Q. What is a collagraph?

A. A collagraph takes its name from the word ‘collage’ as it is essentially a collage made on a rigid surface such as thick card which is then varnished, inked up and rolled through a print press against dampened paper. The edges and surfaces of the collage form the lines and textures of the print, which is transferred onto the paper on its way through the press.

Q. What is Chine-Collé?

A. Extra colour can be added to the printmaking process by way of an additional technique called ‘Chine-Collé’ which involves the lamination of extra papers to the print as it goes through the press. Amelia uses her own pattern designs in the Chine-Collé process.

Q. How big are Amelia's prints?

A. The area of the print itself is typically around 26 x 38 cm (10 x 15"). When supplied with a mount, the work will fit a 40 x 50 cm (16 x 20") frame. When supplied framed, the overall size is approximately 45 x 55 cm (17.5 x 21.5"). Amelia also has a small range of mini prints, the print area of which which are typically around 12cm squared.

Q. How much do Amelia's prints cost?

A. Amelia's prints currently retail at around £195 framed and £145 mounted but unframed. Unframed and unmounted are around £140. Unframed prints come pre-mounted and ready for framing. Mini prints are around £45 when supplied unframed with a mount and £85 framed.

Q. Can I buy Amelia's prints online?

A. Amelia's collagraphs are available on her Etsy shop - please click HERE to visit. Not all prints will be listed but you can get in touch with Amelia at amy@ameliabowman.co.uk if you wish to enquire about purchasing something you have seen on the website but not the Etsy shop.

Q. Can I buy Amelia's other products online?

A. If you can't find what you want in Amelia's Etsy shop (click here to visit), you can get in touch with Amelia at amy@ameliabowman.co.uk if you wish to enquire about making a private purchase.

Q. How do I find out what designs are available for purchase?

A. The best thing to do is to take a look at the 'collagraph' page of this website and then contact Amelia at amy@ameliabowman.co.uk giving the name of the design or edition you are interested in and she will tell you if they are still available. If that edition is sold out and a new one has been printed in its place, Amelia will send you an image of the new edition so that you can see if you are still interested.

Q. How big are Amelia's editions?

A. Edition sizes currently vary from four to twenty prints but numerous editions can be produced from any one collagraph plate using different colour schemes and patterns.

Q. Why do the titles of Amelia's original prints have a bracketed section at the end of the title?

A. Amelia names her editions after the pattern design(s) used. This is because she will produce several editions from a single collagraph plate and needs to differentiate between them. As such you might get one edition named 'Boats at Rest (Flowering Berry)' and another named 'Boats at Rest (Daisy)' because the former uses the Flowering Berry pattern prominently and the latter the Daisy pattern. There are occasions when Amelia will make an edition name up according to the colours or theme of the overall use of patterns, for instance 'Boats at Rest (Fruit Salad)'.

Q. Does Amelia take commissions?

A. Amelia is reluctant to take commission for collagraph prints due to the requests often being quite 'niche' with limited appeal for what is an immensely long process. With the right design the hours that lead up to printing an edition can be justified as (hopefully) there will be plenty of interest whereas a piece that stems from a commission may only appeal to the commissioner. The relative cost of securing a commission would therefore be much higher than a collagraph print from an existing range. Digital reproductions, however, are different. Products such as posters can, in theory, be made with bespoke text and the collagraph reproduction of your choice. Please contact Amelia if you would like to discuss options.

Q. Does Amelia have a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account I can follow?

A. Yes, Amelia has all three! You can follow her on Facebook HERE, Instagram HERE and Twitter HERE!